Concierge photos

 Concierge’s photography mini session offers 2 hours of time. You receive att rights to digital files. Starting at $399.

Taking a trip around the Motherlode? We offer a full day of photography and site seeing. Our photographers know the area well and are willing to take your self, family or other small group or couple, to see the area. We edit the days photos and upload your shots to a private webpage or if you prefer an sd chip that will be sent directly to your home. Be silly, formal or just have a great time visiting some of the iconic sites of the area. Be taken on a breathtaking tour of your favorites like: Yosemite, Big trees, Railtown in Jamestown, Murphys, Old Sonora, Columbia (old mining town / State Park)

 Yosemite Valley

 Fire Falls...Horsetail Falls (only in Winter yearly two-three weeks)

 Yosemite Valley - Half Dome

 Yosemite Valley - Mirror Lake winter

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