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 A little video about me and what I love to do


 I’m more into the colors and light. Good bad or grunge has its place for art as well. See clown below for the weird and scary look...not bad for a horror move.


 Ok, I’m not really going to put this shot on the wall...but you might? 


 Setting up this website has been. A creative event for sure. Thinking about weddings, events, graduation, and portature, keeps me engaged.

Being a photographer in Sonora California, let alone a Wedding Photographer keeps you hopping.

This year the colors surrounding the Red Church in downtown historic Sonora California has been awesome!


 Pets are such great subjects. Don’t miss having your pet photographed and then converted to a line art photograph. This upbeat method can do copied onto canvas, metal, glass or even wood. You will always enjoy this style of wall art in your home, or get an extra copy for each family member.


 What a great day to shoot photographs in Sonora..sun whisky clouds. Nothing like spring.

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